InterWorx is web hosting control panel software developed by InterWorx LLC. The application is divided into two interfaces: NodeWorx, which is used by a server administrators to manage a server, and SiteWorx, which is used by a website owner to manage a particular web site. The NodeWorx interface also contains functionality for web hosting resellers to securely manage multiple SiteWorx accounts without allowing the ability to manage server daemons and configurations.

  • High Availability through Clustering
  • Simple and Intuitive Interface
  • Separated Access for Users and Admins
  • Billing Integrations and Developer Friendly

Want to see it in action? Try the NodeWorx demo / SiteWorx demo.
Visit the InterWorx website for more information.

Below is a brief list of the key features of InterWorx. To view the complete feature list, click here.

  • Separated Access for User Levels – NodeWorx for server administration and reseller access, and SiteWorx for end-user and website administration access.
  • Server Management – Simple Web, FTP, SSH, Mail, Database, DNS, and NFS server configuration and management
  • Reliability and Security – Status monitors and automated alerts, easy redundancy setup.
  • Scalability (Clustering) – Simple interface to configure, manage and grow your cluster. Automatic and customisable load-balancing with cluster status monitoring.
  • Networking Features – IPv4 and IPv6 support, SSL support and firewall available.
  • Automation and Integrations – Integration with popular billing systems, plugins such as Softaculous, full API available.

Pricing / Order

VPS License Dedicated Limited Dedicated Unlimited
Instant Activation Yes Yes Yes
Allowed Domains Unlimited 35 Unlimited
Latest Version of InterWorx Yes Yes Yes
Upgrades from InterWorx Yes Yes Yes
Change IP at Client Area Yes Yes Yes
Our Price $16.95/month
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