Blesta automates the creation of invoices, sends out payment reminders and late notices, processes payments, suspends past due services, and even remotely backs up its own database to protect against hardware failure. You can even schedule what time you want automated tasks to run. Create and send invoices to customers at the most responsive time of day!

  • Multi-Currency Billing
  • Intuitive Client Management
  • Automated Billing and Provisioning
  • Integrated Support Features
  • Developer Friendly System

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Below is a brief list of the key features of Blesta. To find out more information on each feature, click here.

  • Look and Feel – Blesta has a clean, intuitive, AJAX based user interface that streamlines your workload, where common functions just require one click. Blesta also includes clean and informative graphs which provide useful and detailed information.
  • Automated Billing – Automatically bill for recurring services, with professional looking PDF invoices. Automate many tasks such as auto-debit and suspension through the cron, and automatically backup your database.
  • Integrated Support – Built-in ticket system supporting multiple departments, priority levels, file attachments and more. Tickets can be opened using the web interface or by email, where attachments are fully supported.
  • Tough on Security – XSS (Cross Site Scripting), SQL Injection, and other vulnerabilities can be devastating. Blesta does everything they can to make sure it is built to stand up against these type of threats.
  • Developer Friendly – All gateways, modules, templates, language files, order templates, the invoice layout class and more is unencoded. Take it, change it, extend it, customize Blesta to your liking.

Pricing / Order

Monthly Unbranded Owned Unbranded 30 Day Free Trial
Instant Activation Yes No No
Latest Version of Blesta Yes Yes Yes
Support from Blesta Yes Yes Yes
Upgrades from Blesta Yes Yes Yes
Reissue License at Client Area Yes Yes Yes
Our Price $11.95/month
Can be upgraded at any time
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