ArcticDesk takes customer communication from all your support channels, be it your web site, email or social media, and converts them to support tickets. These tickets are aggregated in one organised grid for your support team, and customers can continue to use the channel they prefer.

  • Multi-Channel Support – Including Twitter & Facebook
  • Powerful Ticket Management
  • Self-Service Support
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Flexible and Customisable

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Below is a brief list of the key features of ArcticDesk. To find out more information on each feature, click here.

  • Unified Inbox – Automatically converts support requests from email, web and social media to support tickets.
  • Dynamic Interface – Operator panel uses AJAX to provide a dynamic interface for operators. Most actions only require a single click without needing to reload the page.
  • Colloboration – Work more effectively as a team. Leave messages and ticket notes for others, assign tickets to the right person and avoid collisions.
  • SLA Plans – Can set guaranteed response times and actions to be undertaken should a ticket miss this deadline.
  • Custom Fields – Collect the information you need to complete the support request, data can be encrypted if requesting sensitive data.
  • Intuitive Interface – ArcticDesk has a simple and easy to understand interface, effective on both large screens and mobile devices.
  • Powerful REST API – A fully featured REST based API is available to help you integrate ArcticDesk with other systems.
  • Customisation – Language files, CSS and template files are all available for UI customization.

Pricing / Order

Monthly Monthly Pro Owned Owned Pro
Instant Activation Yes Yes No No
Branding Free No Yes No Yes
Latest Version of ArcticDesk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support from ArcticDesk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upgrades from ArcticDesk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $17.95/month

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