Frequently Asked Questions about MyPetaHost  Premium Business Web Hosting and dedicated / virtual server. They’ll help you get you’re new account up and running in no time.

How long will it take for my web hosting account to be set up?

All new web hosting accounts are activated in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as you’ve ordered your web hosting we will send you a welcome email containing your account login details.

How long will it take for my new domain name to become active?

Domains are registered as soon as you order them. However it can take between 24 and 72 hours for them to become visible on the internet.

Can I buy a domain name, but not buy web hosting?

Yes, you do not have to buy the web hosting when you buy a domain name.

How do I renew my hosting?

Hosting is renewed automatically as long as there are valid credit card details registered on the account.

What are your ‘nameservers’?

Nameservers enable websites to be called up when requested by a user. All you need to do is to make sure your domains point to Redstation’s web hosting nameservers, which are shown in your customer control panel.

What control panel software does your system use?

Redstation utilises the popular and widely used Plesk control panel software.

How do I log in to my control panel?

When your account is set up, we’ll send you an automated email with your login details. You can also view these in your customer portal.

Where can I find my FTP details?

You can use the same username and password you use to login to Plesk for FTP. You can also create managers and users by logging into Plesk, and set restrictions for FTP users if you wish. Alternatively you can upload files to your website using Plesk’s built in file upload manager feature.

How do I set up email for my domain?

Email accounts can be created for your domain within the Plesk control panel. Plesk will also provide you with the information required to set up the accounts in your mail client. You can also access your mail from anywhere on the internet using your browser, using the included webmail service.

What is FTP and how do I do it?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. You can use programs such as Filezilla to upload your website content to your web space. The default folder to upload your files into is named httpdocs.


Dedicated Server FAQs

How long will it take to set up my server?

Place a default specification order with Centos and we guarantee your system will be delivered instantly when positively verified by Verified by Visa or MasterCard Securecode.

For all custom orders we guarantee fast delivery as per the table below:

Order by 9am – Receive Same Day by 3pm
Order by 12pm – Receive Same Day by 6pm
Order by 3pm – Receive Same Day by 9pm
Order by 9pm – Receive Next Day by 9am

Delivery guarantee does not apply to items out of stock or servers with Level3 connections. If additional ID is required the time will be based on the time the ID is accepted. If we fail to meet our delivery guarantee we promise to offer a free 3 days credit to your server when requested within 28 days. Guarantee applies to first server ordered per day per customer.

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

As many as you want – there are no limits on the number of websites you can host on a dedicated server.

Can I use my server for sending emails?

Yes – myPetaHost provides a free premium email sending relay with all dedicated server accounts.

Can I use my server for email storage?

You can use our choice of control panels to manage your email, or install your own email solution.

Do I need an IP number for every website I host?

One IP number can be used to host an unlimited number of websites.

What happens if the server hardware fails? is responsible for the hardware so if a fault ever develops we will repair or replace the server free of charge.

How do I add websites to the server?

We can provide you with the industry leading control panel Plesk so you can easily manage your websites, email and databases.

How do I create SQL server databases?

MyPetaHost can provide Microsoft SQL Server pre-installed and licensed on your server; you can select this at the time of ordering. We also provides stand-alone shared database hosting.

What if I mess up the operating system?

Because customers have unrestricted access to their server’s operating system, via their server’s DRAC card, Redstation is not responsible for fixing software related problems. However you can ask one of our experienced server technicians to help you resolve problems at the rate of £75 per 60 minutes plus VAT, or to simply reinstall the operating system at a rate of £50 per 60 minutes. Alternatively you can follow our Using Drac 6 to reinstall OS guide.

Can I upgrade the server?

Yes, you can upgrade your dedicated server hardware at any time.

How much bandwidth is included with each server?

At myPetaHost, every dedicated server benefits from a 100 Mbps data line connecting it directly to the internet, for the ultimate in speed and reliability.

What software can I install?

Anything you want to, as long as it is not illegal.

What is the minimum contract period?

All dedicated servers are provided on a monthly contract so you have maximum flexibility.

How do I place an order?

To place an order for a dedicated server please choose a server form our customer configurator. If you are looking to order hosting or a domain name then please log into your account.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by credit and debit card, Webmoney, bank transfer and PayPal.

Can myPetaHost connect my servers or provide other software?

If you require something a little bit different, we’ll do our best to help. Redstation has created a leading managed service product which caters for bespoke requirements: servers are available as self-managed, or with Redstation management. For more information please visit our managed services section

Virtual Server FAQ’s

What makes Virtual Servers different?

Virtual Servers (VPS) are powerful, reliable and most importantly scalable. They give you complete control over your servers configuration, meaning you can fine tune everything to suit your website, email or application without risk of anyone elses changes causing you problems.

Need a specific version of PHP? No problem. Need some extra memory for a mission critical application? Easy. Need to rip it all out and start over? Simple.

How do we do this? We take one incredibly well powered server, and slice it into smaller individual servers. You then reap the rewards of having access to a completely power and network redundant machine, without paying the huge price tag. Each VPS is set limits, so there’s no chance of other people ruining your day.

Each user account on the virtual server is given the same control over their part of the server, acting as though it is the only account on the server. This setup also allows for consistent, high performance, even in the event of usage peaks on the main server. All users are invisible to each other and totally secure.

This consistent high performance and flexibility makes Virtual Servers an ideal hosting solution for businesses and individuals who often have high levels of traffic on their sites, or for whom shared hosting has become too restrictive. Virtual servers set you free at a fraction of the cost of a fully dedicated server.

What can I install on my virtual server?

As long as you do not violate the restrictions, terms or conditions of you license agreement and contract with Easyspace, you are free to install anything you want onto your Virtual server.

Can I install SSL?

Yes. However, you must first generate and submit a certificate signing request (CSR) to your Certification Authority (CA). Alternatively, contact our sales team to arrange a certificate from Easyspace.

Are there any restrictions on the content I can keep on my Virtual server?

As long as you do not violate the terms or conditions of you license agreement and contract with Easyspace, you are free to upload any type of content you Easyspace virtual server.

How do I control my virtual server?

Your Virtual server can be controlled one of three ways: Directly using your Root access, via the Virtuozzo Power Panel or the Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel.

What version of Plesk is running on my virtual server?

The Latest Version of Plesk is included with every Virtual Server.

What support do I get with my virtual server?

All Virtual Servers customers get standard business hours support via our ticketing system and telephone! If the source of the technical problem you are experiencing lies within systems or technology under our exclusive management, no charge will apply.

Examples of supported technical problems:
  • Your server becomes unreachable due to a network failure within our facility.
  • Your server becomes unreachable due to a hardware failure within our facility.
  • The hosting service setup process failed to complete successfully.
  • A root user password change request failed to resolve successfully.

What if I need more “expert” support?

Certain types of technical support are not included with your account and will incur a fee under our Support Plus service. See below Fee-based technical support services would include:

  • Performing custom programming.
  • Installing or fixing scripts you’ve written.
  • Installing or fixing third-party software.
  • Software setup or configuration.
  • System administration.

Specific examples:

  • You wish us to install a third-party script on your dedicated/virtual server.
  • You wish us to fix your script, which failed because of a programming or syntax error.
  • You request that we repair an application that you may have mistakenly mis-configured.

Our support staff will let you know if a fee will be required, and, if applicable, provide you with a quote.

What’s the minimum contract?

If you pay monthly, there is a minimum 3 month contract, a thirty day notice period applies.